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“Welcome to ‘Introduction to Supervision’. This is a four week course delivered by the RMIT School of Graduate Research.  It is intended to acquaint prospective and early career supervisors with key policy, regulatory and practice related matters covering the supervision of higher degrees by research candidates at RMIT.
Each of the four modules in this course, (starting with ‘In the Beginning’), looks at a specific aspect of research training;  from the policies you’ll need to be aware of; establishing a good working relationship with your candidate; ensuring adequate progress until they’re ready to submit , and finally being able to recognise when that actually is. We will also explore writing strategies, publishing options, and research best practice issues.”

NOTE: RMIT is currently implementing a new HDR policy suite and, as such, there may be some materials in this course that are yet to be updated. Updates will be occurring while the course is live so please be aware of this is you choose to work ahead.