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This is a moderated course commencing July 23rd. To join, please contact the course moderator Robyn Barnacle. For all other communications while taking the course, please remember to contact the course facilitator, Kate Cregan ( 

“Welcome to Writing for Publication. This course provides an introduction to scholarly publishing focusing specifically on writing for peer reviewed academic journals. It features a project-based learning model in which participants draft an article for publication with the benefit of peer and instructor feedback and support. I look forward to your company and contributions over the next few weeks.

*The weeks will go very fast so please take every opportunity to engage with the content and with others doing the course.”

What's in the Course?

  1. Videos of highly experienced researchers discussing the publishing process, their publishing strategies, aims and motivations.
  2. A project-based learning model in which participants learn about academic publishing while drafting an article for publication with the benefit of peer and instructor feedback and support.
  3. A flexible, online format offering self-paced learning as well as moderated discussion and peer-to-peer based learning.


To successfully complete the course participants will need to have reportable research results that can be used to prepare a draft abstract and article for publication. PhD candidates will usually have completed their mid-candidature review. 

What will I get from the Course

The ability to:

  • target the right journals through an understanding of how the academic publishing system works
  • recognise how journal articles and abstracts are structured within a relevant disciplinary field
  • apply a range of writing techniques and strategies
  • write a draft journal article
  • submit an article for consideration by a relevant journal in your field
  • effectively respond to reviewer reports
  • understand the principles of best practice in academic authorship and publishing
  • create a publishing profile.

How long will it take?

A minimum of 10 hours (comprising 10 hours of self-paced, on-screen engagement over 5 weeks and self-paced work at your own discretion).